Silverback Black Th1rt3en 4oz

Black Th1rt3en 4oz Bottle

  • Produce distinct, consistent shades time after time.
  • Light, Medium, Dark and Black Th1rt3en are all included in the set.
  • The viscosity and surface tension of Black Th1rt3en is completely different than what I’ve made in the past. It’s got good body to it, which fully coats the needles and moves like black water (even tho it’s a tad thicker).
  • The Th1rt3en 3 Shade Grey Wash Series formulations are based on our best selling grey washes (2, 4 & 8). We’re also including black in the set so it’s easy and affordable to try the whole range.
  • Using Black Th1rt3en as the base, this series is easy to fully saturate as well as clean off your client and your tubes.
  • If you prefer more shades in your series, need to adjust for client skin tone, style, or subject matter, you can easily expand. Pouring 1/2 cap of Light wash with a 1/2 cap of Medium wash get’s close to a #3… 1/2 a cap of Med. & 1/2 Dark wash will give you about a 6 and 1/2 a cup of Dark wash mixed w/ 1/2 cap of Black Th1rt3en will yield roughly a #10 grey wash. Make sense?
  • Experience closer healing shades with less “heal out”.
  • Easy to wipe off the skin and goes in as easily as it wipes off.
  • Processed in a sterile facility.
  • Tested and certified for the EU.
  • Packaged with a 100% tamper evident seal.
  • Made in USA.
  • By a tattooer for tattooers!!

Product code: SILBT4