Reduced Mobility

What is reduced mobility?

In Quebec, approximately 15% of people aged 15 years or more have some form of reduced mobility. For seniors aged 65 or more that number jumps to almost 35%.

We can recognize reduced mobility on people who have difficulty walking 500 meters unassisted; or have difficulty climbing 12 steps without resting; the inability to carry a 5 kg load (10 lbs) for 10 meters or a person experiencing discomfort while standing for extended periods of time even using a mobility aid or specialized device.

Reduce mobility can be permanent or temporary.

People suffering from reduced mobility often feel ashamed by this limitation. Thankfully, there are many options to help simplify their lives!


What solutions are available?

Whether to improve access to stairs, make walking more enjoyable or even make shopping and daily movements easier and more effective, les Entreprise médicales de l’Outaouais offers a wide variety of products for customers with reduced mobility challenges.

Les Entreprises Médicales de l’Outaouais carries several brands of scooters that allow clients to move and travel more quickly and effectively. Also available are several makes and models of comfortable wheelchairs and also walkers that allow user to move more freely and stand for longer periods are also available. Canes and crutches for people recovering from injuries or needing help with their movements. All these products are available for purchase or for rental.

Les Entreprises médicales de l’Outaouais also offers stairlifts through their partner, Atlas, a manufacturer of high quality stairlifts and elevators for home use. Safe and modern, Atlas products will allow clients to adapt their home for improved accessibility and longer use!

Consult the Mobility Aids and Stairlift/Elevators  sections for more info.